About Me

Emotional healing and the capacity to have greater

self-awareness is an exhilarating and rewarding adventure,one that I would like to journey with you.

My career as a mental health professional started in 2008 ;after graduating with a Master's degree  in Clinical Psychology , I returned home to the Bahamas and started working at Sandilands Rehabilitation Center. 

At SRC,I am afforded with a wealth of experience  in treating psychological disorders and I have gained a greater understanding of human behaviour.

I am licensed by the Health Professions Council as a licenced Clinical Psychologist and I have also received international credential in the field of mental heath.

In my practice,I use diagnostic measurements,cognitive and behavioural techniques to identify and treat those with emotional and psychological challenges.

My commitment to the helping profession also extends to community based therapy groups that focus resolving grief and healing family and community relationships.

I am ethically professional and subscribe to the American Psychological Association guidelines on confidentially.

The philosophy of Tranquil Spaces is simple,therapy can be easily accessible and in an environment that is most comfortable and famaliar.

I look forward to helping you on your path to wellness.

Call or email me today to begin your journey to healing !