Online counselling

Online counselling is becoming an important tool for individuals to access safe spaces to heal, grow and discover who they are and who they can be.Online counselling/therapy is also known as e-therapy,web therapy,distance therapy and internet therapy and it allows people to meet with a therapist in a setting that is familiar which helps people feel comfortable.

It  is just as effective as face to face treatment.Studies like the one published in the Journal of Psychological disorders in 2018, found that online cognitive behavioural therapy is an "effective,acceptable and practical health care." It was found to be equally effective as in person treatment for a number of disorders.

It is convenient and provides the flexibility  to schedule appointment outside of what most consider normal working hours.

It reduces the time it takes to commute to an office and wait in a waiting room.

It is safe and confidential.I use an encrypted and secure platform to ensure our session is protected.

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